How Kids Focus Works

Kids  Focus uses brain-based movements to help young learners balance  their brains, bodies, and emotions quickly and naturally. 

A simple Kids  Focus movement can help a child FOCUS, feel calm, concentrate, and learn to  SELF-REGULATE - in minutes!

In the classroom, doing a Kids Focus movement before any learning activity helps SWITCH ON THE BRAIN so that children can focus,  learn, and remember more effectively. 

Using Kids Focus movements, children naturally strive to balance, grow, and mature.  ADD/ADHD behavior seems to disappear

And there are no drug side-effects!



Brain Wake Ups - sleepy, tired, bored?

Brain Boosters - distracted, unfocused, inattentive?

Brain Balancers - emotional, impulsive, hyperactive?

Brain Soothers - anxious, worried, frightened?

Kids Focus Benefits

- Improves Focus and Attention

- Easier Learning 

- Better Memory  

- Improves Comprehension 

- Better Problem Solving  

- Improves Self-Regulation Skills   

- Supports Emotional Self-Control

- Fosters Calmness 

- Improves Motor Skills and Coordination 

- Builds the 3 C's: Confidence, Compassion, Caring  

- Fosters Imagination and Mindfulness

- Ignites Motivation  

- Increases Academic Success  

- Improves Classroom Performance 

- Improves Math and Reading Scores

- Fosters Enjoyment of Learning

Marcia Lee Unnever, Founder of Kids Focus

Marcia  Lee Unnever, B.A. Ed., founder of Kids Focus and Solutions Without  Drugs, is an Educational Trainer (certified with New Mexico State), Reading Specialist, ADD/ADHD  Consultant, writer,

 educational advocate, and public speaker. 

Marcia is  registered on the NM Trainer Registry with 

competency in Child Growth,  Development, and Learning.

With over thirty years experience in teaching, movement, and research on children's brain and behavioral development, Marcia created  Kids Focus to help children focus, feel balanced, and learn to  self-regulate using simple movements, without the use of medication for ADD/ADHD.

Marcia also customizes individual programs for children who are 

struggling in school - using movement, healthy nutrition, 

better sleep, and reduced screen time.  

Marcia  is a featured presenter at NMAEYC, Head2Toe, Parents  Reaching Out, EPICS, ISEPP , and the Nurtured Heart Approach Global  Summit. 

She has been honored for her contributions to teacher training, curriculum design and development, child development, early childhood, 

elementary and secondary education programs, staff development, special education, and classroom management.    

Early childhood centers, preschools, elementary schools, middle schools,  and mental health centers in New Mexico, Colorado, and California 

use  Kids Focus daily to help children grow, develop, mature, 

and succeed in school. 



REAL RESULTS: Helen Cordero Elementary School 2012 Study

Focus/Concentration +86%
Calmness +100%

Self-Regulation +71%

Following Directions +90%
Attention +95%

Positive Attitude +86

Effect on Learning +81%

Effect on Testing +100%

"My students give 2000% when we do Kids Focus 

movements throughout the school day." 

APS 3rd Grade Teacher 

" Awesome. The brain needs exercise! And Kids Focus works fast!"

APS Middle School Counselor  

"We use the movements every day.  

The teachers and students love them!" 

APS Elementary School Principal

"I do Kids Focus every day before school with my little brother. 

It's fun and I'm getting A's!"  APS 6th Grader

"Kids Focus really helps my students focus and get 

ready to learn. Classroom behavior has improved 100%!" 

Charter School Kindergarten Teacher

“The children enjoy Kids Focus so much they would say 

‘let’s do the exercises.’ Very effective.” City of Albuquerque 

Child Development Center Teacher (ages 3-5)


Client List

Participating Early Childhood Centers, Preschools, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Mental Health Organizations

Laguna Pueblo Head Start

Laguna Pueblo Infant/Toddler Program

Santa Rosa Schools, NM

Newcomb Elementary School - Navajo Nation

APS Special Education Department

African American Performing Arts Center Workshops, ABQ, NM

Zuni Nation

NM Grads+ for Teens, Socorro, NM

YDI HeadStart, ABQ, NM

APS Hawthorne Elementary School, ABQ, NM

APS Roosevelt Middle School, ABQ, NM

APS A. Montoya Elementary School, ABQ, NM

City of Albuquerque Child Development Centers

APS Christine Duncan Heritage Academy, ABQ, NM

APS Coronado Elementary School, ABQ, NM

APS Hodgin Elementary School, ABQ, NM

APS Mission Avenue Elementary School, ABQ, NM

APS Mitchell Elementary School, ABQ, NM

APS Zia Elementary School, ABQ, NM

APS East San Joes Elementary School, EA's

APS Helen Cordero Primary School, ABQ, NM

La Promesa Early Learning Center, ABQ, NM

APS Early Childhood Office, ABQ, NM

Corrales International School, NM

YDI/SIPI Head Staart/Early Head Start, ABQ, NM

Congregational Pre-School, ABQ, NM


Hogares, ABQ, NM

Liferoots, ABQ, NM

Little Sunbeams  Child Development Center, ABQ, NM

Our Montessori, ABQ, NM

Rio Rancho Public Schools

Serendipity Day School, ABQ, NM

Solomon Schechter Day School, ABQ, NM

Springstone Montessori, ABQ, NM

Gallup McKinley School District

Bureau of Indian Education, Gallup, NM

Desert Montessori, Santa Fe, NM

Gentle Shepherd Preschool, Santa Fe, NM

Playschool of the Arts, Santa Fe, NM

Rising Stars Learning Center, Santa Fe, NM

Quemazon Montessori, Los Alamos, NM

San Luis Valley Mental Health Center, Alamosa, CO

Sargent School District, Alamosa, CO

Oakland Unified School District, CA

First 5 California Commission, Contra Costa County, CA

Conference Presentations by Marcia Lee Unnever

New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children, Early Childhood Conferences, Albuquerque, NM  2012 - 2019


Head 2 Toe Conferences, New Mexico State Department of Health, Albuquerque, NM 2015 - 2017

New Mexico Coalition for Charter  Schools Conference, Albuquerque, NM 2017

Native American Conferences on Special Education, Albuquerque, NM, 2015 - 2016

Parents Reaching Out, Family Leadership Conferences, Albuquerque, NM 2014 - 2015

International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry Conference, Los Angeles, CA 2011

 Reclaiming Childhood Conference, Albuquerque, NM  2017

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